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Sun's Information and Sight Reduction

Below is a form using JavaScript that provides the Sun's information and sight reduction - for the years between 1979 and 2020:

[The error for GHA and Declination of Sun calculated by this script in most of the cases should not exceed 0.3' which is considered as very small when compared with the accuracy of human observation by marine sextant.]

Dead Reckoning Position

Latitude : degrees minutes
Longitude : degrees minutes

Date and Time - GMT

Date : The day of the month of the year
the Julian day (Day of Year) equivalence is
Time : hr min sec

Sun's Information

Declination : degrees minutes
Greenwich Hour Angle : degree minutes
Calculated Azimuth :
Calculated Altitude : degrees minutes

The Sun as seen from

with Latitude (degrees North) Longitude (degrees East)
Calculated Azimuth :
Calculated Altitude : degrees minutes

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