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Some examples of my work:

Web Design Rates

The cost for the first page designed is $199, as the initial design is the most time consuming creative process. The more pages you order, the more you save!
 Service  Cost per Web Page
1st page $199
2 - 10 pages $99
11-20 pages $69
21 and above $39


Sample Web Site Design Pricing

Amount of Pages Total Cost
1 page Web site  $199
3 page Web site $397
5 page Web site $595

Web Hosting

For as little as $7.95 a month

Domain Name Registration

For $15 a year, to as little as $10 a year

Web Hosting & Registration through  

Contact information: 

Telephone: (206) 973-7452
Address: #SJO3630
P.O. Box 025331
Miami, FL 


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